Created by family Built by family. Family run.


With its colonial facades, colorful flower garden, Chesterfield sofas in the grand lobby and unique waterfront location, Ocean Breeze Boutique Hotel radiates Caribbean luxury Yet it does so in that casual, relaxed atmosphere so typical of Bonaire.

23 years ago, owner Marijke Zijlstra fell in love with the island while on holiday with her family. When she left the island, her heart stayed behind. So she decided to come back as often as possible. First once a year, than twice and soon the family spent all school holidays on the island. This led to the decision to buy land and build a family home. Her building style and taste proved popular and she sold the property soon.

More projects followed, all equally successful and thus she turned her hobby – building beautiful homes – into her profession. The Ocean Breeze Boutique Hotel, Marijke’s largest project to date, is the crowning glory of her work. She set out to create the most beautiful and pleasant hotel on Bonaire and it seems she has succeeded.

One ingredient to her apparent success might be the involvement of the family. Her son Dean supervised the construction. His wife Candice works as a manager at the hotel. The dedication and love they have put into to project clearly shows.